Frequently Asked Questions

We know there are some basic questions will araise from your mind before or after you use fansmark app. Its actually good and encorageble. Ask more we will ready to answer.

FAQ General

1. As of now, our app supports Kitkat 4.4 to Oreo 8.1.
2. The iOS is under development and will announce officially once it is ready to sail.

Enjoy. It's Free and no cost is charged.

1. If it is related to the app, go to app navigation -Click Support- There you can find an option send your feedback.

2. Or If it is something other then app- please goto our website

1. There is a dedicated facility has been created here

No, As of now fansmark haven't run an advertisement. You will get an official announcement if there is any such implementation.

Check following our website link -

Please search a keyword "Fansmark" in the play store, now you can see our app FM icon, then click install.

You can't change the colour, It is we need to maintain our brand colour.

As on now, we do not have such kind of a function but it may introduce in future versions.

This 8 digit fan id will be created while every user registering into fansmark app. The aim of this Id is to make the oral sharing and searching the fans account detail very easily. It can be used by fans on street posters and facebook & youtube accounts instead publishing personal mobile number or email id, hence any person can easily reach you. Ex : If your account name is, Now simply Say "FM11220011" to share it. Now people will find your account right account at first time search.

FAQ Troubleshooting

"Go to app and click " Support" from the navigation bar, there you can find an option to send your technical issues to the fansmark team. If you can't access your fansmark account please contact the support team via your registered email id (

"If you found or suspect that someone is hacked your account. Please change your passwords immediately and check if there is any irrelevant content updated, if so please delete and contact us. Click "Support" in-app- There you can find a option to report us."

FAQ Account Related

Go to control setttings - Click account settings - choose User name - Now you can change your own name - Click Submit button

"If you see a following message while log in your account. Your account is disabled contact support team.
Kindly refer your email inbox if you have received any email from and contact our support team"

If an account was banned, it was shut down by a Fansmark administrator for a violation of the terms and conditions or privacy policy. "If you seeing an following message in your app, Your account is Banned contact support team. Actually once the account is banned it cannot be retrieved"

Go to the app - click support - there you can have the option to report your queries.

Go to your app control settings - click account settings - choose to deactivate your account.

"You can block anyone - Go to their feeds - click the drop-down icon in their feeds right side corner - then choose block user post.
Further, you will not see any feed from them and they can not see your feeds."

Yes.! You can change your age two times. Further, we cannot help you.

"MOBILE NUMBER: Your mobile number will be immediately validated once you do Sign up.
EMAIL ID: Click the verify button in your profile. An email will be sent to your inbox. You should verify your email id within 3 days or Reclick the ""Verify Now"" button."

As of now you can access the fansmark app in English and kindly wait for further language update.

It has been deactivated by the account owner.

Log in to your fansmark app - Go to your app control settings - click account settings - choose to Reactivate your account.

FAQ Feeds

It depends on the content in users post. If you uploaded or commented something against to fansmark terms & privacy policy. It may be disabled by the fansmark team. Report your issues to the fansmark team via the app. Go to the app - click support - there you can have the option to report your queries.

You can upload only the video link and direct video uploading is restricted. Soon the Gif facility will be implemented and notified to fansmark users.

There is no deletion will happen unless the feed post or comment is violated any terms and policies of fansmark.

"Remember, once the post has been uploaded into the fansmark app it is publicly submitted to all users.
You can delete your feed instantly after it has been posted. However, we not are guarantee your image will completely be removed from fansmark.
Since it may be reposted by anyone according to your privacy settings and some users may download it for varies purposes."

Please refer our terms and privacy policy (anchor text link). It is available in app navigation bar and website footer of every page.

FAQ Features

Go to your app - Check navigation bar - click Invite friends.

As of now, personal chat option is not available in fansmark. Try different mode of communication.

Go to app - click control settings- click notification settings, there you can have option to turn off the notification.